I hope the following Covid-19 information explains the new 'normal' in order to maximize your safety.

Each venue I teach at will have a slightly different layout and therefore the protocols will vary, but the following will give you a sense of what you can expect overall.

I made the decision to return to teaching after carefully considering all the risks involved. I have implemented protocols that I feel address these concerns with the intention that they will minimize the risk of face-to-face interaction. My source of information is based on the guidelines laid out by the Government as well as the  GCMT. As a result, I feel we are in a good place to get back to training.

I have carried out a full risk assessment to ensure that the highest standards of safety are in place for everyone coming in to the course. Decisions are based on the location, the layout and how the interior setup can be modified so that it meets the new health and safety requirements.

Although it is not always possible, I would suggest to everyone that they avoid taking public transport for the foreseeable future. Whilst for some this may be the only option, I advise other forms of transport where feasible. My top recommendation is cycling as I am rather partial to this, it being my main form of activity. If you are coming from Kent to London this is obviously not an option. (Unless your name ends with Froome or Wiggins, possibly).

The following will be the protocols for anyone attending the course:

The Venue:

  1. If you are travelling by public transport, you are required to bring a change of clothing in which to work.
  2. It is recommended that an N95 mask be worn if you want full protection while traveling on public transport.
  3. Please bring your own mask, there will disposable masks available if needed.
  4. Hand-wash stations will be in place at every entrance, exit and massage station.
  5. The room has been set up to fulfil the appropriate social distancing criteria.
  6. Class sizes are smaller in order to maintain social distancing whenever possible.
  7. As much of the soft furnishings as possible have been removed.
  8. The teaching room is ventilated.
  9. Both staff and students are encouraged to wipe down areas of contact throughout the day.
  10. Extra cleaning staff have been employed to perform an appropriate level of cleaning after each day.


  1. You will be sent an email prior to the course date that will include any updates as well as containing detailed information about the Covid-19 procedures.
  2. You will be sent a link that requires you to fill in a Covid-19 online screening form on your phone. You will need to demonstrate your fitness to attend to the tutor on your phone that you have completed before coming on to the premises.
  3. Upon arrival you will be asked to wait outside of the venue, 2 meters apart from each other, a tutor will greet you and instruct you about where to go.
  4. Each student will be assigned their individual work station for the day in which they can store all their supplies.
  5. Students will be asked to choose seating in the lecture area and refrain from moving around.
  6. All your personal belongings will need to remain in your assigned area throughout the day.
  7. Please leave any jewellery at home.
  8. You are recommended to bring your own mask but should you forget there will be some available for your use.
  9. Everyone will be instructed on how to put on your masks and gloves in the correct sequence. It is also recommended that you watch the WHO procedure for Donning and Doffing PPE.
  10. Handwashing will be fully explained and demonstrated.
  11. The wearing of gloves is optional.
  12. When removing any PPE please put in the dry bins provided.
  13. Students will be asked to work with the same person throughout the day.
  14. Single flat sheets will be provided for each of you to use during the course of the day, new sheets each day.
  15. Each student will be provided with their own bottle of lotion, they will need to label their bottle and be responsible for it for the duration of the course.
  16. All towels and couch covers have been removed including soft furnishings.
  17. Couches will need to be wiped down after each use.
  18. Each station has the full complement of spray bottles with the appropriate cleansing solution to clean the couch, hand wipes, cleaning cloths. Students will be expected to clean below and around the face-hole if the participant has lain prone.
  19. Pillows have washable covers and are wiped down after each use.
  20. Washable bolsters and face supports are also available.
  21. All stations will have supplies to keep the area clean.
  22. At the end of the day all used sheets are to be brought to be placed in the laundry bags provided.
  23. Please follow instructions when going to the toilet, one person at a time, handwashing is not an optional activity.
  24. If a kitchen is available there can only be one person in the room at a time.
  25. Please bring your own mug and eating utensils.
  26. Each student will have access to a Covid-19 resource pack which contains information on risk assessment details and records, information for your clients, a daily cleaning record, Covid-19 screening and consent, therapist declaration and treatment checklist.

These protocols will possibly change based on current Government and/or GCMT guidelines. The first time you go through these it feels like a lot to remember, but soon it becomes natural and normal.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact the office on 44 (0) 208 885 6062 or my mobile 07754 941922.

All the best in health, Susan

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