Transverse Soft Tissue Release

A skillful technique that delivers results!

Course Overview

The online portion contains over 70  video examples of creative ways in which to apply the technique. AS well there are articles, quizzes, and comprehensive lectures that examine the possible reasons why this technique is so effective.  

The online portion is a stand-alone course and will definitely deliver what you need to know and immediately be able to apply the techniques in your massage sessions.  

The practical day helps to develop your palpation and hands-on skills.  My intention is to teach you a quality technique that your clients will love.  Join me for a day that is both enjoyable and interactive,  including  messing around with 'cornstarch' 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of Transverse STR and how it differs from classical forms
  • Be able to explain the theory and research behind the technique
  • Be able to explain the relationship of fascia in connection with Transverse STR
  • Understand the principle of how 'less is more' and can achieve a more effective outcome
  • Be able to understand the application process and adapt it to any circumstance
  • Be able to apply an appropriate form of TSTR based on your clients' tissue health
  • Understand how it compares to other stretching and mobility techniques
  • Be able to demonstrate TSTR homecare to clients
Practical Workshop
& Online Course


Learn More


  • Access to the online program and all its benefits 
  • 1-day practical workshop
  • Advanced massage techniques
  • Creative & inspiring ideas clients will love
  • Effective fascial techniques
  • Certificate of attendance
  • CPD points
Online Only


Learn more


  • 70+ high-quality practical videos 
  • PowerPoint lectures
  • Downloadable handouts & worksheets
  • Review quiz
  • Access to a private forum
  • CPD points

Transverse Soft Tissue Release - My Story

Transverse STR was conceived about 15 years ago when I started playing around with the angles, direction, and methods of applying the classical form of STR.  It was with the intention of achieving a better outcome that required less effort on my part but felt better for my client.  As a result, the advantages proved to be many.

Takes into account the structural limitations of hypermobile clients (including pregnant women)

It makes efficient use of multi-pennate muscles

This technique can be applied to shallow areas of muscle  with ease

The releasing of the diaphragm and the abdominals are no longer an issue

Awkward areas such as along the length of the spine are easily treated

'Ropey muscles' can be efficiently softened and 'stretched'

It will save your hands and thumbs,  you will be able to apply a strong, and sensitive technique without strain to yourself

 If you want a technique that will effectively get the job done with ease, one that can easily be integrated into how you already work, this will do it.

I suspect you just might leave with the same passion for it as I have.


Practical Workshop Course dates & locations

Alternatively, Susan can be booked for private tutorials at a rate of £80 per hour; please indicate if this is an option you would like on your application form or call the office to book a tutorial 020 8885 6062.
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