Complete Shoulder Massage - Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a variety of classical movement tests
  • Learn how to interpret and use visual assessment skills
  • Be able to use your hands-on palpation skills as a comprehensive assessment tool
  • How to understand and evaluate your findings (case studies)
  • How to integrate your assessment into your treatment
  • How to work with a number of pathologies using a variety of techniques
  • Understand the modifications and cautions for each condition
  • Be able to move your client into an effective position to access the shoulder effectively
  • Integrate and maximize positions using counterforce to increase effectiveness
  • Apply techniques with ease with a wide range of client types and position
  • To have a range of recommendations for home care




Published Article:

How to Assess, Treat and Manage Shoulder Restrictions

The research supports the improvement of rehabilitation outcomes with the use of massage: 'Just ten minutes of massage has shown to reduce inflammation of muscles tissue which can promote muscle healing.' (Crane 2012)

Studies have shown that soft tissue work can affect both the range of motion as well as pain levels: 'massage has an immediate impact on pain level, range of motion and disability in clients with mechanical shoulder pain (or impingement).' (Dolder 2010)
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Complete Shoulder Massage Course




This course is now included in the Mentor Program  Power point lectures
Practical videos
Comprehensive handout
Targeted soft tissue techniques
Solutions for a range of pathologies
CPD accredited
Course Information

Subjects include;
Movement of the shoulder
Anatomy review
Subjective & objective assessment considerations
Classification of conditions
Red flags
Range of motion tests
Special tests (Neer's, Acromioclavicular Sheer Test, Hawkins Kennedy, Apley's Scratch)
Palpation skills as a diagnostic tool


Tendonitis, impingement, rotator cuff tears, dislocations & frozen shoulder

Home care
Rehabilitation exercises 
Case studies 

Practical Workshop

At the moment Susan is only able to offer a One-to-One Workshop of 1.5. This will focus on developing your creativity and hands-on skills. There will be an opportunity for her to address any special requirements you might have. Often therapists find it useful to bring in a client for her to take you through the evaluation and treatment process, gaining another perspective. A one-to-one allows you to make your session as specific as you like.

To arrange a private session please  contact  info@susanfindlay.co.uk



Complete Shoulder Massage Workshop


Sports Massage
by Susan Findlay




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