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For those serious about making a change, read this first. 

What did I need to do to ensure I was not putting myself at risk? 

I am sharing my experiences from the beginning, including the messy bits, towards what I believe is the cure. I’m not suggesting that this is the route everyone should take however, my background as a nurse has prepared me to take on my challenge safely.  

My belief is that our current approach to controlling diabetes type two and the obesity epidemic is wrong, I just don’t understand why we persist with the recommendation of a regime that has been proven time and again to be unsuccessful. I know for some the approach I advocate might seem extreme but for others it will make absolute sense.  

I believe that there is a right answer for each person, but before you move forward you need to make a number of informed decisions, you need to consider all the facts before you make your choices, it’s important that you look at the whole picture and consider possible consequences.  Most importantly, there needs to be close monitoring, and if you do not understand how to do this then you need to work with someone who does, it may be your GP or a health practitioner but here are some of the things you will need to consider.  

I took regular readings of my sugars, one in the morning, which is typically the highest one of the day, your morning read is usually a good indication of how well your liver is coping, a high reading would tell me that my liver was overloaded and was desperately trying to get some relief by dumping some of the glucose into the bloodstream. On non fasting days I would take a reading at the time of my meal to get my base reading and then one & two hours afterwards to monitor how well I was coping.  Finally I also took readings while I fasted, I wanted to be sure I did not become hypoglycemic, this is when your level of glucose goes below a safe level which can lead to a dangerous condition resulting in a coma.  

I took my blood pressure every morning along with my heart rate.  You need to understand what a healthy blood pressure is, better yet, understand why you need to take it and what it’s measuring.  My blood pressure has never been a problem, always normal to low, but not low enough that it ever made me feel dizzy when I went to stand up. It remained stable throughout the process. 

Heart rates vary depending on your fitness level and age.  I am a fit person and a senior, I don’t feel like a senior but apparently, it’s only a number… At my worst, my readings would be between 70-80 beats per minute, and that was resting! I recognized that this was really high so I tried Ashwanganda drops for a while, and they did help but after months of taking them the effects wore off. Since I have adopted this new regime, my resting HR in the morning is in the fifties, this is what it used to be at the height of my fitness.  

With my new approach to eating it was important I paid attention to any symptoms that indicated I was not feeling well. There were times I felt tired, winded, a bit light headed, I would take my readings, they were within a safe range, but with the changes in my regime I did not have as much energy at certain times in the day, so I would take a 20-30 minute rest, somewhere quiet, until I felt my energy return.  These symptoms did not persist, as I have progressed my energy has been increasing, but I still pay attention to how my body is feeling and respect what it needs.  

The reason I’m mentioning this is that I want you to know it was not just a matter of changing the diet, it’s important that you consider all the things that you might need to do to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk.  

I also recommend you read The Diabetes Code and/or The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung, it is a good place to start as an excellent resource and I will have more for you, but for now he will prepare you.  

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