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So, it seems that you want to spend some time reading what I have to say. Well, thank you and welcome! It's my hope that each time you read something it inspires you, makes you question your beliefs, challenges you, teaches you something and hopefully gives you a few chuckles along the way. I am not a 'writer', but I do love to teach and this a fantastic forum for that, I will talk about what I know and sometimes challenge conventional thinking on a variety of subjects but I will never be intentionally disrespectful. Having said that though, I might ruffle the odd feather sometimes... Thanks for listening.



In order to ensure the return of a client, it is important that the client leaves the first session with a positive outlook on your service. A key factor in achieving this is to show your client that you are warm, welcoming, and genuinely are about their treatment. Integral to a successful therapist-client relationship is clear communication. Get to know your client from the first contact by listening to and communicating with them before, during, and after the session.

Like most forms of complementary therapy, the effects of lymphatic drainage in massage are open to discussion. As is the case with all massage types, there are gleaming testimonials and positive historical reports, but scientific studies sometimes lack that conclusive evidence.

For many the answer will be no but for NLSSM and my Oncology courses in north London, we are opening up our doors mid July (unless of course things take a bad turn).

Our practice is portrayed as an alternative form of medical treatment – a challenger to conventional means. We have always been up against it: a case of massage therapy versus proven procedures. However, we have seen progress.

I love cooking, and this is a recipe that came out of what I had in my fridge on the day. I have been asked to share this recipe with friends many times, it is such a healthy homemade meal that can tick every dietary restrictions box, just leave out the bits that don’t work for you and it will still taste good.

It might seem obvious that if you improve your communication skills between yourself and your client it will lead to an increase in positive outcomes, but as massage therapists we often concentrate on our hands on skills and pay little attention to what we say, but what we say really can make a difference to the way the client perceives the service they have received and how they themselves can make positive changes.

It is hard to believe it has been a year since I last wrote about my journey ‘finding the cure for type 2 diabetes’  There have been significant ups and downs along the way, but at the moment I’m not been taking meds and my glucose reads are now 70% in the pre-diabetic ratio.  Good result, but a journey that held a fair amount of frustrations, I’ve had to be absolutely honest with myself and committed, there were no half measures.

Right from the start, I want to make it clear that you can pretty much find studies that will counter act other studies. The intention of this article is to highlight what is being discussed at the moment, and give the opportunity for both sides to be heard. There is, and always has been, an element of controversy when it comes to massage therapy and cancer. Some things we know, and some things we do not.

This is the second blog in my body mechanics series. I decided to write this series because good body mechanics is the foundation of all practical massage techniques. I hope that through my writing and videos I can help you on your way to a long and successful career, free of personal injury.

Endurance athletes, while being incredibly fit, are not necessarily very healthy. The demands placed on their bodies by intense and prolonged training regimes can leave them with high levels of inflammation – something that is linked to immunosuppression and potentially an increased risk of cancer. This article describes how massage can be used to reduce inflammation levels in athletes, helping perhaps to reduce their risk of cancer, as well as in patients with cancer to improve their well-being through the course of their disease and its treatment.