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Susan Findlay

Like most of the people I teach, I came to remedial soft tissue massage by way of a journey. Mine began with classical dance and gymnastics back in my home country, Canada. When your body is the tool that you work with, you learn to take notice of it and it was this interest in the human body that led me to retrain as a nurse.

Fast-forward to 1992 and I stepped off the plane onto English soil and my future life. After briefly working for the NHS, I made the choice to be my own boss. Still in the health and fitness field, I worked with GPs and health centres, setting up different schemes for a range of clientele.



Sports Massage by Susan Findlay

On the field, post-event, or in the clinic, Sports Massage is the essential resource for developing and perfecting your sports massage technique. Sports Massage provides an in-depth discussion of applications of foundational massage techniques within a sports massage approach. Thorough instructions and over 130 full-color photos demonstrate the correct application of each massage stroke for muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, torso, pelvis, legs, and feet.