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Hands-on Skills + Creativity + Business Knowhow = A Successful Business

Are you ready to work more effectively?

I love my job. I am passionate about being able to help people on their journey for better health - but at what cost? Some 80% of therapists have to give up this work because of injury to themselves - are you one of them?

I learnt about body mechanics as a dancer and I will share with you what has kept me doing this job for 20 years, working both deeply and sensitively with ease.

I also understand our job is not just what we do with our hands - we need to wear a few more hats in order to be successful. We need to be able to market ourselves, deliver an outstanding service, be able to support our clients in a multitude of ways that requires ongoing learning on our part. The Massage Coaching Program is geared to offer the extra 'stuff' and make it fun to learn. It is a personal program, interactive and responds to your needs.

Join me in a supportive atmosphere of fellow therapists all looking to deliver the best in our industry.

I look forward to working with you.

Work more effectively with access to all of the following and more...

The goals of this course are about making you a better and more successful therapist.
The Secret to Power and Ease

This first module addresses the key areas that determine your optimum working position. You can work both sensitively and deeply, effortlessly.

The Good, the Bad, the Better

It is known that increased rebooking rates are relative to your hands-on skills. This second module represents how our choices can either make or break us, it is about what feels better to both you and your clients.

Creativity and Positioning

Some of the best work is produced when you step out of your comfort zone. Our third module will help to inspire your creativity. You will be able to respond to your clients' individual needs, with the result that no two massages will ever be the same.

Therapist Self Care

In this fourth module, we look at taking care of the carer. You. In your toolkit we will learn about change, the sort that will make your life easier and give you energy to spare!


In this module, we look at some of my top tips for adding home care to your treatment plans.

Business Mastery

Strategies for running a successful business, starting from the basics of writing a CV to navigating yourself through social media. This fifth module is organic and responds to the ever changing trends in our business and your need to know.

Members Forum

Access to our private and supportive online massage blog.

Massage Monday Videos

Our complete Massage Monday weekly video archive is available for you to view.

Published Articles

Full access to Susan's complete library of published articles: General content, an A-Z of Olympic Sports Massage and specific disciplines' sports injuries.


Listen to some inspirational, informative and intelligent conversation.

Case Studies

Practical examples, suggestions and considerations for assessment and treatment.



Members' Access to course modules

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