Title Summary
Top Tips on Building your own Website, with Andrew Brenchley   In this episode we talk with Andrew Brenchley from PulseArt Designs on how to go about getting a business website online? How do I 'get it out there' on the internet? Option one, should you try to build a website yourself? Option two, consider hiring a professional web designer. Here are some suggestions to help you make a decision and get your website online, some technical tips, the pros and cons of online web-builders vs hiring a web designer.
I've Graduated ... Now what? with Dan Marshall   In this episode we talk with Dan Marshall from DSM on taking those initial steps - one step at a time. This episode is not just for new graduates, it's for every therapist who's already running their own business. Lots of great nuggets for all. Some easy solutions to get your name out there, networking tips and the importance of location, the pros and cons.
Why Volunteer and When is Enough, Enough? with Cassandra Gramozi   In this episode we talk with Cassandra Gramozi from the North London School of Sports Massage on the benefits of volunteering. In this quick fire podcast we will delve into why volunteering can actually be beneficial for the development of your career and how it could almost be an essential component.
How to be Your Own Boss, with Jenny Burrell   In this episode we talk to Jenny Burrell from Burrell Education on Creating and developing your own business. Her journey, where she started and how she progressed and evolved into a household name? What has been her biggest win? What is she most proud of? What was her biggest fail? Was she able to turn it into a win? How did she deal with the growth of her company and any feelings of 'overwhelm'? 'Women on Fire', an amazing event and concept, she tells us a little bit about its history and what the intention is...
Chris Newtons' Top Tips for Client Home Care   Do you struggle with giving that perfect bit of home care that clients love to do? Home care is an essential component that can enhance the progression of a treatment but are your clients 'forgetting' to do their 'homework'? Does this leave you feeling like your good work is being sabotaged? Listen to this podcast to find to hear the answers to the questions we asked.
Emma Holly and 'Working with Surgical Scars'   Emma Holly brings a wealth of knowledge to our latest podcast on the topic of working with surgical scars. Working with Susan Findlay, Emma is bringing her area of expertise to help develop and deliver a comprehensive oncology massage course to include considerations and massage techniques for scars after common cancer surgeries. Listen to this podcast to find to hear the answers to the questions we asked.
What it Takes to Start Your Own Business, with Dan Buchanan   Dan Buchanan started with an idea, a concept about how he wanted to make a difference. The formation of his business took two years of hard work, mistakes, and sharp learning curves but in this podcast he shares with us his passion, his honesty and perseverance in making it happen. Listen to this podcast for the answers to the questions we asked.