Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage Course




Unlimited access
Power point lectures
Practical videos
Comprehensive notes
Targeted soft tissue techniques
Solutions for a range of pathologies
Certificate of completion
Subjects include;
Subjective assessment
Objective assessment
General strength tests 
Quadrant & facet joint tests 
Swallowing test (SCM)
Scalene cramp & relief test
Anterolateral neck flexors strength test
Adson's test 
Three knuckle test
Vertebral artery test
Spurling's test
Cervical compression and distraction
1st rib mobility test
Pathologies; TMJ,
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, whiplash,
headaches, torticollis
Treatment, modifications & considerations
Home care
Cost Option 1:
£185 (inc. VAT of £37)
Online & Practical Workshop

Option 2:
£39 (incl. £7.80 VAT) online only
Practical Workshop Course Dates ...dates to be confirmed...
Location Central London

Next step:
As an extra you can book a practical one-to-one workshop with Susan which will focus on developing your creativity and hands on skills. There will be an opportunity for her to address any special requirements you might have. Often therapists find it useful to bring in a client for her to take you through the evaluation and treatment process, gaining another perspective. A one to one allows you to make your session as specific as you like. The hourly rate is £80 and can be arranged through the office: info@susanfindlay.co.uk

Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage Workshop


Published Article:


Relax the Jaw and...Improve your Running Speed

Although difficult, if you were to observe a world class sprinter's jaw you would see how relaxed it is when running. Also, the shoulders, arms and upper body movement will be fluid allowing the power of the lower limbs and torso to take over. The absence of tension allows the body to be more efficient and thus produces better form....




Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage

Whether you are working in the jaw or elsewhere, being observant and setting up a clear set of rules will increase the benefits to both us and our clients.


Sports Massage
by Susan Findlay




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