Neck, Jaw and Chest Massage

Course Overview

Do you lack the confidence to work in this area?

The intention of this course is to develop your understanding of what you are seeing and feeling, it might seem like a complex area in which to work but this course will help to make it simple and accessible. 

I believe effective hands-on skills are those that are tissue led, applying sensitive techniques in response to what is felt.  

With that in mind, one of the purposes of this course is to demonstrate how you can make changes globally by working with the jaw, neck, and chest.  It can help to make your overall outcomes more effective.

Join me and make this is your first step towards developing both an amazing and confident touch.  

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a variety of classical movement tests
  • Learn how to interpret and use visual assessment skills
  • Be able to use your hands-on palpation skills as a comprehensive assessment tool
  • Learn essential communications skills when assessing intra-orally
  • How to understand and evaluate your findings (case studies)
  • How to integrate your assessment into your treatment
  • How to work with a number of pathologies using a variety of techniques
  • Understand the modifications and cautions for each condition
  • To understand the value of intra-oral work from an introduction video
  • To have a range of recommendations for home care

Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage

This is your first step in having an amazing touch!

I do recommend one-to-one tutorials if you want to develop the intra-oral work, it is not something that can be solely taught online, the external tutorials are complete and will give you the confidence to work from without. Please feel free to ask your questions in the forum.


  • Advancing Your Hands-on Skills
  • Over 24 videos that will inspire you and change how you work
  • Case Studies
  • Real examples of how to approach your assessment and treatment
  • Massage Mondays
  • Unlimited access to ALL 52 videos to develop your creativity
  • Supportive Learning
  • Lectures, articles, quizzes to help you with your learning
  • Private Forum
  • There is no such thing as a dumb question, ask whatever comes to mind in a supportive and safe environment

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Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage


Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage


Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage


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