Body Mechanics

Work more effectively, no more pain or discomfort for either you and your client

Course Overview

Are you experiencing burnout? 
Does an 8 hour day fill you with dread?
Do the aches and pains never go away? 
Are you ready to throw in the towel?

Are you one of 'those' therapists that believe your job is physically demanding?  The truth of it is, it does not have to be. 

How would you feel if you were able to do a 10 hour day pain-free, deliver a deep tissue massage that really meets the needs of your clients, and have a rebooking rate that surpasses anything in the past?   

I am living proof that after 20 years in the profession I have never had a job-related injury.  I may have had a bruise or two from falling off of a bike but never anything associated with massage.

My ability to move with strength and ease evolved from my dancing days, the skills I learned then are the same ones I want to share with you. 

Whether you are just beginning your career or have been working full time for years, how you move and use your body should be your number one priority.

Body Mechanics lays the foundation for all other hands-on skills, if you get this part right you will be able to work effortlessly.

Learning Outcomes

  • Maximize your touch with minimal effort
  • Work with ease and meet your clients' needs
  • Adopt an effective and safe working posture
  • Understand how strength and sensitivity go hand in hand
  • How to apply deeper work using counterforce
  • Introduction to melting, sinking into the tissue to achieve a more effective touch
  • How to take the stiffness out of your touch
  • Creative ideas that will make your job effortless
  • Demonstrate how you can achieve depth without force
  • How to maximize your ability to work with all client shapes and sizes in any position
  • Be able to deliver the same level of energy in your last massage of the day as in your first

Body Mechanics

'Goodbye' to the fingers/fists measuring tool and 'Hello' to 5 considerations that determine your optimum working height.

It might seem redundant to go back to basics but this is the most important section you will ever do if you're planning to have a long pain free career.  Get this right and everything else will fall into place, working smartly is about working with ease. 

Too much emphasis is placed on working from the upper body, including the use of hands, fingers, thumbs and arms, causing undue stress.  

Tension, misuse and overuse are major factors that force therapists to leave a career they love.  This course is about giving you solutions, showing you better ways in which to work.  

We all want to be the best at what we do, but sometimes our delivery limits what we can do. The goals of this section are about making you a better and more successful therapist, I will show you how you can put your body in a position of ease but still deliver a stroke that is effective, deep, sensitive and consistent. 

This is your first step in having an amazing touch!


Body Mechanics Course Structure

Working Posture

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Working with Ease

Transcripts, Lectures, Exercises, Coursework, Articles & Case Studies

Working without a Couch

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Optimizing your Setup

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