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If you were to observe a world class sprinter’s jaw in slow motion, you would notice how relaxed it is while running. The fluidity of movement in the upper body, especially the shoulders and arms enable the force of the lower limbs and torso to take over and ultimately produce better form as tension is released. Despite numerous clients requiring treatments for injuries in and around the jaw, early training in sports and remedial massage therapy did not equip me with the skills necessary to treat areas connected to the cranium. In fact, 20% of my clients presented with intraoral and external jaw issues and many others presented with associated symptoms. This demonstrates that it is vital element of treatment and cannot afford to be sidelined.  I believe when treating clients, we should always use a global approach to influence our strategy. That way we can ascertain whether the symptom could be part of a more serious problem.

You might have watched a climber navigate their way around a vertical wall, or over pendulous boulder and wondered how they manage to make it look so easy. Brooke Raboutou has broken world records on the leading bouldering and sports climbs competitions, utilising her physical skill and mental determination at just eleven years old. Another young female climber to top records is Sasha DiGuilan, who successfully completed a 5.15d graded climb, which many others had tried and failed. It is captivating to watch climbers use such dexterity and rapid thinking to scale what might seem to be an impossible manoeuvre.

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