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Are you starting to get COVID-19 weary? Isolation is sure to be an incredibly testing time for everyone, especially for us as therapists who, as well as the psychological strain of lockdown, many of us are also dealing with the financial fears of losing our livelihood as we  depend on human contact for work.

#Goal setting is something that is important for all #massage #therapists on both a personal and a professional level. Personally, we all need something achievable to aim for, something that when done we feel personally validated and our motivation is reinforced. Professionally, understanding the need for goal setting, and the steps we can take to implement our goals, is imperative when working with clients and helping them structure and achieve their own recovery. If we understand how to set goals for ourselves, and include it in our daily practice, it will be much easier for us to encourage and explain how to do it with clients.

You may have noticed that I’ve recently upped the ante when it comes to writing blogs and social media postings. These days I try to post at least one blog a week, share my Massage Mondays and upload something that has either a personal interest to me, or I think might benefit you. Engaging on social media was not something that came naturally for me, I have never been a fan, hence, you can still see the heel marks in the ground while holding onto the idea that I didn’t need to engage. For years I resisted the idea that I needed to interact on social media.  I am sure many of you feel the same way and are not convinced or understand what social media can do for you. In this blog, I’d like to elaborate on my reasons for doing this, and hopefully give those of you who manage your own private practices some useful pointers.

Specializing is not a bad word! I understand as a therapist there is so much more that we offer and the idea of specializing might somehow appear to limit what we can deliver. I also know that some of the best sessions are usually the ones that use a variety of techniques and can respond to the needs of the client. This is essential for the success of your sessions and will certainly attract return clients but it might not be the best way to market yourself at the onset.  Hear me out. The intention of this article is to explain what is meant by specializing and how you can use it to increase your market value.

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