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It is hard to believe it has been a year since I last wrote about my journey ‘finding the cure for type 2 diabetes’  There have been significant ups and downs along the way, but at the moment I’m not been taking meds and my glucose reads are now 70% in the pre-diabetic ratio.  Good result, but a journey that held a fair amount of frustrations, I’ve had to be absolutely honest with myself and committed, there were no half measures.

Right from the start, I want to make it clear that you can pretty much find studies that will counter act other studies. The intention of this article is to highlight what is being discussed at the moment, and give the opportunity for both sides to be heard. There is, and always has been, an element of controversy when it comes to massage therapy and cancer. Some things we know, and some things we do not.

This is the second blog in my body mechanics series. I decided to write this series because good body mechanics is the foundation of all practical massage techniques. I hope that through my writing and videos I can help you on your way to a long and successful career, free of personal injury.

Endurance athletes, while being incredibly fit, are not necessarily very healthy. The demands placed on their bodies by intense and prolonged training regimes can leave them with high levels of inflammation – something that is linked to immunosuppression and potentially an increased risk of cancer. This article describes how massage can be used to reduce inflammation levels in athletes, helping perhaps to reduce their risk of cancer, as well as in patients with cancer to improve their well-being through the course of their disease and its treatment.

The London Marathon was due to take place today. A highlight in the calendar for runners, record-breakers and fancy-dress enthusiasts. And of course, sports massage therapists. Like most major events, the London Marathon has been postponed because of the coronavirus. It will now take place on Sunday 4th October, in what will be the first-ever autumn edition of the race. The marathon is not only a day for race-goers and watchers, but an invaluable experience for sports massage therapists to demonstrate their skills and network with other therapists.

When we were first put into lockdown, everything I was working on; normal stuff that would take the school and my online massage coaching program forward, was put on hold.

Laughter is the best medicine. An age old saying that we all know and love, but do we actually understand the truth behind it?

Are you starting to get COVID-19 weary? Isolation is sure to be an incredibly testing time for everyone, especially for us as therapists who, as well as the psychological strain of lockdown, many of us are also dealing with the financial fears of losing our livelihood as we  depend on human contact for work.

We are, for the first time, celebrating National Complementary Therapy Week from March 23rd to March 29th. To some, complementary therapy conjures up a vision of therapists practicing woo-woo therapies, alongside a misconception that what we offer is an alternative therapy.  However, complementary therapy is anything but a replacement to conventional modern healthcare treatments, it is actually quite the contrary. Although many people have in fact called certain complementary therapies ‘alternative therapy’, it actually serves as a useful tool to assist people along with their conventional medical treatment, not instead of.

This is the third blog in my Body Mechanic Series. In the first two we discussed correct couch height and looked at the basic working posture. In this one I’d like to concentrate on the importance of your alignment whilst working with clients.

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