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Oncology Massage

Specialise and Qualify as a Certified Oncology Massage Therapist

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Transverse Soft Tissue Release

Online and Practical Workshops - learn skillful techniques that delivers results!

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Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage

Your first step towards developing both an amazing and confident touch

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Like most people I teach, my development as a massage therapist was by way of a journey

I trained in many forms of massage, including Sports, visceral, remedial soft tissue therapies, alongside all my past skills to deliver an integrated approach. This is the basis from which I teach. I have been teaching since 1998, but I'm still very much actively learning, I believe in this profession there is a real depth of information that is essential in the delivery of our hands on skills.

I'm passionate about providing the very best quality of training and that goes beyond my teaching. I am involved in many aspects of the profession one which involves the GCMT, I volunteer my time to sit on the board of the General Council for Massage Therapies with the aim to elevate our profession within other communities.

Oncology Course

Be safe! Be effective! Make a difference!

It is important to have both the knowledge and hands on skills as an Oncology Massage Therapist, both will enable you to provide the right level of soft tissue therapy a cancer client needs.

The online portion of this course is very comprehensive and will give you an excellent knowledge base, it is a good place to start if you cannot do the practical days at this time.

Eventually you will need the hands on skills to ensure you are a well rounded therapist that can deliver the skills needed to specialise as a Certified Oncology Massage Therapist.

The course focuses on developing your understanding of common conditions of cancer and how this will influence your massage sessions. It will include how to modify your massage techniques along with learning some new ones specific to a variety of cancer conditions. Included in this field of work is home care advice that will have a positive impact and support your manual therapy. It is the sort of home care that clients will love to do!

The aim of this course is about developing your confidence to go out there and work competently as a COMT. In order to receive full certification you must complete the online course, all three practical days, coursework and online quizzes. The course is approved and accredited by CThA and CHP.

It is an exciting time to be a part of the ever increasing acceptance and growing demand for qualified oncology massage therapists.

I look forward to working with you.

The Online Course

Teaches you all the technical information in video format with supporting documents about the biology of cancer, the effects of the disease and treatments, modifications and benefits of soft tissue massage, some preliminary home care advice and rehabilitation suggestions plus bonus videos and lectures.

Others benefits include quizzes to support your learning, a comprehensive resource section and additional documents (i.e. samples of intake forms).

You will have unlimited access, so you can choose to view all the material at your convenience and as many times as you wish.

Covid special: if you are unsure whether you want to do the practical days, I am offering a chance for you to purchase the workshop at a later date, please contact us for details.

Day 1 Practical Oncology Massage

The day will cover real life case studies on a variety of conditions, i.e. breast, bowel, leukaemia, colon and prostate cancer and more. We will look at the emotional impact this disease can have on your client and how this can influence your treatment.

Day 2 Practical Oncology Massage

Advanced hands-on skills with a focus on rehabilitation. You will learn how to work through clothing as well as how to modify your techniques when they are in a chair. We'll talk about the "six best Drs" of home care, the best forms of stretching, movement, and complementary therapies.

Day 3 Practical Oncology Massage

This day will bring it all together and further develop your hands on skills! Using everything you've learnt, you will devise a treatment which includes home care suggestions, & rehabilitation principles.

Oncology Video

Transverse Soft Tissue Release Course

A skillful technique that delivers results!

The online portion contains over 70 video examples of creative ways in which to apply the technique. Also, there are articles, quizzes, and comprehensive lectures that examine the possible reasons why this technique is so effective. It is a stand-alone course and will definitely deliver what you need to know and immediately be able to apply the techniques in your massage sessions.

The practical day helps to develop your palpation and hands-on skills. My intention is to teach you a quality technique that your clients will love. Join me for a day that is both enjoyable and interactive, including messing around with 'cornstarch'.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles of Transverse STR and how it differs from classical forms
  • Be able to explain the theory and research behind the technique
  • Be able to explain the relationship of fascia in connection with Transverse STR
  • Understand the principle of how 'less is more' and can achieve a more effective outcome
  • Be able to understand the application process and adapt it to any circumstance
  • Be able to apply an appropriate form of TSTR based on your clients' tissue health
  • Understand how it compares to other stretching and mobility techniques
  • Be able to demonstrate TSTR homecare to clients

Practical Workshop & Online Course - £185

  • Access to the online program and all its benefits
  • 1-day practical workshop
  • Advanced massage techniques
  • Creative & inspiring ideas clients will love
  • Effective fascial techniques
  • Certificate of attendance
  • CPD points

Online-Only Course - £99

  • 70+ high-quality practical videos
  • PowerPoint lectures
  • Downloadable handouts & worksheets
  • Review quiz
  • Access to a private forum
  • CPD points

TSTR Video

Neck, Jaw & Chest Massage Course

Join me and make this is your first step towards developing both an amazing and confident touch.

Do you lack the confidence to work in this area? The intention of this course is to develop your understanding of what you are seeing and feeling, it might seem like a complex area in which to work but this course will help to make it simple and accessible.

I believe effective hands-on skills are those that are tissue led, applying sensitive techniques in response to what is felt.

With that in mind, one of the purposes of this course is to demonstrate how you can make changes globally by working with the jaw, neck, and chest. It can help to make your overall outcomes more effective.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn a variety of classical movement tests
  • Learn how to interpret and use visual assessment skills
  • Be able to use your hands-on palpation skills as a comprehensive assessment tool
  • Learn essential communications skills when assessing intra-orally
  • How to understand and evaluate your findings (case studies)
  • How to integrate your assessment into your treatment
  • How to work with a number of pathologies using a variety of techniques
  • Understand the modifications and cautions for each condition
  • To understand the value of intra-oral work from an introduction video
  • To have a range of recommendations for home care

Online-Only Course - £69

  • Advancing Your Hands-on Skills
  • Case Studies
  • Massage Mondays
  • Supportive Learning
  • Private Forum

Neck, Jaw & Chest Video


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